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    1k SW Tourney list - Help!

    I am about to take part in an upcoming tourney 1000pts match. I need help and advice on my list, what i should change and best to use it since this is the first time and i may not have time to play test it:


    Rune Priest = 100p
    Rune Priest = 100p


    Dreadnaught w/ TL Lascannon = 135p


    2x 8 GH + 1 WG w/ SB and PF = 322p
    5 GH + 1 WG with Bolter = 93p

    Fast Attack

    5 fenrisian wolves = 40


    6 Long Fangs, 5 ML = 140

    Dedicated Transport

    2x Rhino = 70p

    TOTAL: 1000p

    RUNE PRIEST POWERS: #1 JOWW and mabye LL, #2 Sorm Call + LL OR LL + JOWW

    the first rune priest joins one of the 8 GH squads and uses his powers from the Rhinos. The goal of the 8 GH is to hold back the enemy and seize ground without being to offensive. the 5 stay back and take closest objectives, or help out where ever they are needed and are pretty flexible. I had 40pts left so i just took the wolves but i was thinking like the 5 GH they could help with what ever needed doing out or maybe defend the longfangs. the dreadnought and the long fangs will be near each other with the Rune preist to help them out/give them cover saves. My other rune priest idea was to put him in the other rhino and do the same as the first but i am still undecided. I have play tested the 5 GH idea and the dread with LF and both workout fine for there role. I was thinking of giving JOWW for the one with the GH but i was not shure about for the second power, mabye LL. The one at the back i was thinking LL and Storm caller (srry if thats wrong, my codex is in french). advice and feed back will be needed, the tournament will be soon. Advice would be helpful

    "They are coming! I feel them scratching inside my mind, scratching, running, so many... so many voices. They"re coming for us - flesh, body and soul"
    -Tyranid Codex

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    If you make your grey hunters up to 10 man squads you can take another plasma gun or like for free.
    The wolves are ok if you can get them to assault, I was playing a space wolf army last Thursday and he had them ontop of me on hi second turn making use of cover. They died quickly and failed a moral test but it had me distracted so his thunderwolf cavalry could flank me and scouts come in from reserve.
    I'm only recently both a 40k and space wolf player so I might be wrong.
    Current Army (1st)- Space Wolves 1,500 points

    Remember, the Force will be with you.... Always!

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