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Thread: Themed Ig Army

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    Slowly my IG army is taking shape, and I'm considering taking the leap from playing combat patrol to extending it to a legal 500 or 750 point army. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions?

    The army is (or rather, is going to be) themed around a police force, "vigiles", rather than the Guard or a PDF as such. It's not going to be an Arbites army either, though since the army will be fighting xeno and such, they'll need all the help they can get.

    These are the ideas I have for now:

    - Close order Drill, I'm thinking riot cops forming a shieldwall against protesters, I want to convert riot shield soldiers using bretonnian M@A shields, just because I can. This can count as carapace armor?

    - Stormtrooper Squads, or rather SWAT teams that rappel in where they're needed

    - Chimeras with flamers, lets just call them water cannons and pretend that astartes power armor isn't water-resistant. Also I was leafing through the IG Collectors Guide and looking at the "armored car" chimera conversions, and I want one!

    - Lots of grenade launchers, let's say they're not so much frag as gas grenades, and, uh, armor piercing... bean bags... or something.

    - Sentinels, okay I don't really know how to justify those, but I love the models and I'm getting some.

    - Witch Hunter Stormtroopers with shotguns, representing, suitably enough, Adeptus Arbites.

    - Sanctioned Psykers, I'm guessing they're there to better read the intent of the riotous crowds the army would normally face. Plus I love the idea.

    - Medics, I'm guessing cops aren't as suicidal as the Guard tends to be

    - No Plasma weapons, see above

    - No tanks(gasp&#33, unless you're in japanese manga, it's not very common for cops to employ tanks.

    - All heavy weaponry that seems out of place in a police force painted in a clearly military camo scheme, signifying armament issued from the Guard or local PDF to assist in a time of crisis, such as now. The cops themselves are painted in typical police colors, dark blues and such.

    Well, I'd like to ask if anybody have any ideas that would fit a police force? Doctrines, armament etc. I'm not too worried about building a powerful tournie army as I'm mostly in the hobby for the painting and modelling. That being said though I don't want to get neutered in every battle... anyone?

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    Meltaguns to represent microwave pain guns set to "fry". This will also let you stand a chance against tanks.
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    I think you will be missing out on some very cool modelling and painting if you dont include tanks.

    Ive always wanted an old timey black and white painted Leman Russ.

    If you REALLY want to do some (expensive but awesome) converting, check out the GamesWorkshop site. Theres a step by step guide to making Motorcycle mounted Guardsmen. Use Motorcycle cops as rough riders.
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