I played in a tourney at the LGS today. , 1750 pts. 3 games and went 1-1-1. Lost to Necrons, tied to Ultreamarines, and beat the DA player.

I took 3 platoons with 3 squads each. I had 3 lc, 3 hb, 2 ml, and 1 AC in the platoons. Hellhound, Stormtroopers, Russ, and Russ demol. Command was JO, 2 melta, 1 plasma gun in a chimera. Overall I had the largest army wit 124 models.

My thoughts: The infantry are there to throw weight of numbers at the enemy. Both tanks and the hellhound are the mobile portion of my army. Chimera was the mobile reserve.

Worst game was against the necros(never played them before). We played cleanse. My deployment was limited cuz of a river cutting off my quarter from most of the board.

I lost the Demolisher and Hellhound to Necron Gauss rifles. His C'tan used a power to make 3 of my squads flee. I failed all my leadership rolls. Course the first turn saw a squad with lascannon run of the board .

I destoyed maybe all of a squad or two. It was bad.

Lessons: It's better to keep armor away from gauss rifles. He was throwing enough dice that the odds were good to destroy a vehicle on glancing hits. I also learned that I set up too far back with a few units. They never shot their lasguns.

Ultramarine player was recon. I killed more points then I lost. The problem is he had a 450 pt HQ in my deployment zone. I only had my stormtroopers in his. I scored 11 more pts then him for the draw.

Lessons: pay attention to objectives. I didn't realise I should have moved more stuff into his deployment zone. I am happy that I did deploy in a way that his deepstriking assault squad was gunned down on my turn. I deployed across the length of the table even though he deployed in one corner. This allowed me to drop alot of lasguns and missles into that squad. I should have taken advantage of my numbers and slogged my way across the board.

DA player was seek and destroy. There was almost no cover on my deployment zone with a big landing pad in the middle of the table. I ended up deploying alot of squads in the open. I relied upon the fact he probably could not kill all 120 guardsmen out there.

At game end he had his command squad, a dreadnaught, and 1 guy left from a devastaror squad. I'd lost the stormtroopers, 2 squads with heavy bolters, Demolisher was immob and the russ had the BC and LC destroyed.

Lessons: You can deploy horde armies in the open against smaller armies that don't have alot of burst weapons. His plasma cannon devastaors spend most of the game trying to kill my tanks with a ML and LC.

Always fire all your weapons. I killed half(3) of his termy squad with a bolt pistol and lasguns in 1 turn. In the end lasguns took out 4 of his squad. I never got to rapid fire but they still got through. I also had a mortar in ea platoon HQ. One mortar shot hit and killed the last 3 members of his second devastator squad.

If enough dice are rolled saves will be failed. I will say his rolling was real bad most of the game but that will happen with a small army. Guard may suck but they can roll enough dice that the laws of averages even out.

Overall it was a good time. I got to play 3 good games against friendly players. Having only played Guard once before I think I learnt a bit more about them today.

I will say that horde armies suck to setup and put away though :realmad: