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    Many of you may know that I play an un-orthodox army. It is a good one but I find it almost helpless against the revised marines.

    With this in mind I have decided to make an orthodox army. Buuutt, I don't have a clue about how to do it. :blush:

    I kinda need help from all you orthodox players about big guns and tanks to bodies ratios, you know, how many tanks is too many in a thousand point game. Or how many platoons to have and so on. Anyway, Thanks for any advice and pointers you can give, maybe even sample lists?

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    I have had to change my playing style against Marines as well. Here are a couple of things that have helped me.

    Our tanks are still great at killing marines, as all are AP 3 or 2. I personally always try to take a Bassie and a Regular Russ. In games that are bigger 1500, I would take a Demolisher as well. Demolishers may become even better, as with Infiltrating Marines, they may get more side shots on the tanks. Hellhounds are better now, and don't miss as much as the pie plates, but they get an armour save.

    I have adopted a more "mobile" force. With Marines taking up our Infiltrating spots, we have less good spots to pick from, and if we go close, we get pumelled. I now use Chimuras to get some of my squads around, and deal with Marine " Hot Spots", Especially the now Popular 5 man Tactical Squad with Lascannon or Missle Launcher.

    I still have a Lascannon HS Team, and Other troops that sit back and shoot. I am finding it difficult to protect them with getting Rough Riders or tooling up my command squad for CC and protecting them. I played Ultramarines yesterday, and 4 assault marines went through 2 full squads, and 2 command squads. It was brutal. I won the game, only because my Vets dropped trooped in and killed his Landraider on the 2nd to last turn, so I won on points.

    I think Drop troops is a great doctorine, and if keep the squads cheap ( in case you lose them ), you can target problems later. Especially 3 man Melta, or 3 man Plasma Gun Vet or Command Squads.

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