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    Here is what I did (no pics, so use your imagination) in a few easy steps.

    1. Get a GK Termie (needs haleberd) and a Space Marine terminator w/ Thunder hammer and stormshield.

    2. Get Hacksaw, a wire cutter, and a table mounted clamp.

    3.Clamp down the GKT SB arm with the fist facing one side. Tighten the clamp. Don't worry if the fingers get smashed flat, they are waste parts.

    4. Hack (Hack saw) off the arm just below the base of the pads, go at a slight angle. Don't cut all the way through, bend off the rest when you get about 7/8 the way through.

    5. Cut off the Top of the Haleberd, just below the guard.

    6. Cut off the top of the TH, just below the last bump before the shaft.

    7. Use a wire Cutter, like thing (fairly shap blade, steel head.) to cut off the Storm shield hand at the elbow joint, leaving the forearm. This will cause a slight bump in the middle. This will pair up nicely with the extra bit the bending of the SB off)

    8. Glue the hammer head to the top of the now bladeless haleberd after filing down the uneven parts.

    9. Then file the SB ARM stump and attach the forearm. First file to fit of cource.

    10. Glue the Storm shield in place as normal.

    11. take the squareish GK termie shield and glue it onto the normal spot sideways. You will need to file down the Shoulder pad ridge. Make sure that the spot where the space to the hole from e the outside is the smallest part is nearest to the storm shield.

    12. Bask in your glory.

    Any questions, I know it is hard to follow without a picture, but it looks cool and stable.

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    (Y) cool thanks ill try that next time i get a termie
    hunt or be hunted

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