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    i want to start spacewolves i have just finished my blood angels and i want another army so i was thinking of spacewolves does anyone have any good suggestions as to what i should field. i dont like bikes that much but i love the troop choices etc.

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    You have to field Grey Hunters. They are good with True Grit.
    Blood Claws are perfect assaulters. Cheap, good and troop choise. Always charge with them, don't let them being charged. To recieve charges you've got GH.
    Take BC too charge enemy, supported by GH.
    Rhino's and other transport are important. You need speed with SW.

    Wolf Scouts own. Use them. 1 squad of 5. I repeat, always use them.

    Bikes and assault marines are very expensive. I don't use them. But maybe those assault marines are considerable. Because they are not regular marines with a JP, but BC with JP. And that is scary.

    And vendreads as a HQ choise is useful. Since you've got to take 1 HQ for every 750 points. And having a dread to fil it up makes up the losses. And besides the Vendread, if you want a CC HQ, and a Wolf Lord is too expensive, you've got the option to get a Wolf Guard Battle Leader.

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