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    Can anyone please explain the rules for using Space Marines and Imperial Guard units along wit Grey Knight armies. Call me a simpleton, but the codex seems unclear to me. I read it once or twice and I am a little fuzzy, my friend plays them and needs to know what the rules are for that kind of stuff.

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    Ok, I'm unclear if you mean a DH army with inducted SM or IG, or an IG or SM army with allied DH. So I'll just explain both ^_^

    If your army is Daemonhunters, you can induct either (but not both) SM or IG. Pages 30-31 in the DH codex explain what units you're allowed to take from the SM or IG lists, and how many of them. If you take allies, you're still required to have 1 DH HQ and 2 DH Troops first. The allied troops (IG or SM) take up slots in the army's FOC. This setup is completely tournament legal for all GW events, as the inducted SM or IG do not count as allies, but as a part of the actual army.

    If your army is either SM or IG, you can ally a contingent of Daemonhunters (including GK) into it. Page 21, in the grey box in the bottom right, explains how to do this. It gives a very strict listing of how many of each choice you can take (0-1 HQ, 0-1 Elite, etc) from the DH list. You're still bound by DH rules, so you cannot combine Daemonhosts and Grey Knights, or take an Assassin without an Inquisitor Lord. You do NOT need to take 1 DH HQ and 2 DH Troops for this to be legal, but you still need 1 HQ and 2 Troops from your parent list (IG or SM). You cannot use inducted DH choices as allies (for example, you cannot have an SM army and use a DH-inducted Leman Russ in it). This setup is NOT tournament legal for all GW tournaments, since allies are not normally allowed.

    I hope that cleared things up. Feel free to ask any other questions on the topic, I'll try and answer as best I can.

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    (Edit: whoops already been answered sorry)

    As it says on page 21 of th codex:
    Daemonhunters can use both imperial guard and space marines as allies, but... they canonly be vanilla (i.E. no dark angels or cachecans) and no doctrines or space marine special traits and you may only chose units from those outlined on page 30 and 31 additionally gouy may take nothing with the "grey knights" designation if you induct alled space marines.

    On the other hand both space marines and Imperial guard can induct Daemonhunters even if they are part of a special chapter or have doctrines or special traits, and have full access to their respective lists, this is also the only way to get GK and space marines in the same force. The oly limitation to this is that you can only take 0-1 HQ 0-1 Elites 0-2 Troops and 0-1 Fast attack choice from Daemonhunters.

    In both situations you must fufill the 1 HQ and 2 Troops requirement from the Base list.

    Hope that all made sense

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    Thanks for the help you guys I appreciate it. I will let you know if we need some more help.

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