Well I finally got a list up on L-O Here Right and now its time to hammer out some tactics.
At first Glance the list has no AT power which is a glaring weakness. This however is moderately balanced by the 2 Stormtrooper Squads. Armed with both a Melta and Plasma gun these troops are tasked with often suicide drops at the throat of the enemies Heavy support or other weak units (Landspeeders, Devastators, Crisis suits) The Majority of the army begins in Space waiting to deepstrike whilst the Chimera Squad, Sentinels and Bassie sit down waiting, using their Improved comms to help bring units on when I need them. Well thats about It, if any experianced Guard players are out there and have any suggestions, improvements or critisms please shout out. Also stay tuned for a 1500pt list using a few FW models! (not That I'd ever have the cash to spend but you can always dream can't you?