Since no-one really seems to be adding to this forum, I will add instea, just in case anyone might need a bit of info on those nuns with guns (a.k.a. Bolter Bitches).

Sister HQ tips:
Don't rely on me! But if thou has no other option this is what i've found has worked well:

I've become a great believer in the IC Canoness with a jump pack, plasma pistol and power weapon. She can zip around hiding amongst or near various squads, making good use of her crack Ballistics Skill to snipe light vehicles or the vulnerable rears of heavier ones. If a squad loses its Priest, she can join up with them and make them Faithful again for the moment. She also lends a good punch to assaults when necessary. The jump pack's mobility is *essential* for keeping her away from things that would swat her like a fly (Hive Tyrants, Marine Commanders), and keeping her in the face of softer targets.
I think I used a bodyguard all of one time, more or less so I
could get a Famulous and try out some Hardened Vets with a
Lascannon. That experiment was a total flop for me and I haven't
repeated it since. However it's good if your lacking with faith points, so you can then bring in a sister Dialogus.