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    Ill try my hardest not to post stats here. lemartes having d3+3 attacks is alright right? does that include his close combat weapon? he has a jumpacklets so lets say lemartes is charging, what blood angels do best. If you roll a 1 on the d3 this guy has six attacks with strength 5 ws 5 and initiative 6 with a power weapon of course, using blood angels special rules. (im counting his close combat weapon and charging for two more attacks) so if you roll a 3 he has 8 attacks. do I count these attacks extra attacks?

    seems pretty good to me for 94 points.

    the age of blood angels has inevitably come

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    Well, in the very description for Lamartes it says the bonus for 2 weapons is already included.. So Im going to assume the bonus for 2 weapons is already included heh

    He's a good character, I use him off and on depending if Im using a shooting army or not.. Also you can use him to try and roll a 1 since it lets you reroll the test to restraint and makes 0 mention of passing or failing the roll.. Obviously its not in the spirit of the ability, but never the less it lets you reroll

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