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Thread: Epistory Daceus

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    I have designed this librarian epistory which I call Daceus. My question is do you think this strategy will work:

    Daceus 195 points:

    Might of Hereos, Veil of Time, Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol

    I attach to a squad of 10 assault marines, 2 with plasma pistols. All have melta bombs.

    Because of his jump pack, is it okay for me to deepstrike the librian with the assault marines?

    I think the squad would make short work of enemy tanks due to the melta bombs. And squads such as imperial guards men should be slaughtered by the assault marines, using the psychic powers to enhance the librarian also.

    What do you think?

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    No the Librarian has to deepstrike seperatly (which means he could come in on a dif turn). I don't think its a great idea to deepstrike your assault squad as its around 250pts..unless theres an open area where they can land and be relatively safe of fire. Also remember that you have to deploy around the model, idle for IG tanks. Other then that seems fine, I put my Librarian with my assault squad as well. Also you can only use one spell at a time so I would take one offensive and one assault (like FoA, and VoT), hes also alittle expensive and could become a big target for the enemy.
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