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Thread: Dune Ig Army

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    I don't know if it has been done yet, but it would be cool to set up an ig army inspired by Dune novels. th Tallarnians would be great Fremen, (especially if painted with completely blue eyes and modified with respirators(sp?) to resemble Fremen dune suits..), the Steel legioneers could be appropriately painted (with blue coats and symbols of griffons)to make Harkonnen troopers and the Mordians could make great Imperial Sardauker..psychers and assassin would be great, too, (Think of Callidus assassins as Tleilax Face-Dancers!!not to mention the Sorority for Bene Gesserit..the fluff could be about a proud desert population with his tradition and a deep Messianic vein, who nurse a grudge against the Imperium but it's forced to combat at its flank due to inavsion from Chaos (or Necrons, or Tyranids or Whatever...)..but the Fremen are expecting an holy liberator with enormous mental powers..i think it would be nice to design specific rules (the Fremen and the Sardauker should not Know any Fear, random psychic powers to characters of all types,etc.)..and think about setting rules for Fremen Shai-Hulud Riders (Shai-Hulud is the great Dune SandWorm..)..on a second tought. it woulden't be easy to set up miniatures for a 400 meters-long worm..

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    Well, I suppose you could make 'baby sandworms' and use them as Rough Riders....?

    I say go for it... sounds like a cool idea...
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    -Lieutenant Konarski at the Battle of Erebus

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