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    I would like to win or do really well at our next Tourament, I was in the top 1/3 last time, but want to design a Pure IG army that can win. Our Tourneys you pick one list and random games, at 1700pts.

    I have always played 3 Ordinance Tanks, at least on Chimera and most of you know I like the Mobile Grenadiers etc. But looking at it I think an all troop Army, with no Tanks, or maybe one Bassie etc. would do really well.

    What have you experience IG players seen at Tourneys from IG that wins.

    I like fluff, but I like to win more!

    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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    in the realm of uber competitive IG, there's a few lists that work.

    1. all infantry (max HWs). very effective. but you must maximize the number of bodies and the number of heavy weapons you take. don't forget droptroops!!
    missle launches work well here. take hw platoons
    the only armor you should take would be one or two bassies

    2. all armor. lots of it. over whelm them! 3 tanks (no bassie). chimeras and hellhounds, and perhaps some lascannon sentinels. any infantry based HW should be a lascannon.

    3. balanced. (my favorite). take the 3 pie plates and perhaps a chimera or two and a hell hound (sentiels)?
    a few HW squads if you feel like it, and a health amount of infantry (at least 100). don't for get the HWs!!!!!!!!
    i like to throw in a squad of stormies w/ meltas
    and a command squad w/ a standard

    no matter what you take, you must remember these things:

    1. DON'T WASTE POINTS!! every point is sacred!! if a point is wasted the emperor gets quite irrate!!
    seriously, don't buy wargear for your officers for you tanks (apart from perhaps a HStub or smoke for chimeras).
    you really gotta cut the fat, nothing can be put in there for "fun" or "fluff" unless it's a fun fluffy Pie Plate.

    2. use the cheap doctrines (Iron Disp, DropTroop, CloseOrderDrill) these are great and don't use alot of points (aka more points for guns)

    3. Play to the objective!! don't let the game devolve into a pure shoot out (although IG does excell at that ) remember to send units to cap ojbjectives ( but cheap infantry deepstriking does the trick

    4. Heavy Weapons Win Games, buy them

    5. don't forget infiltrate/deepstrike. LightInfantry on your HWsquads = golden

    6. keep your armor together and keep you infantry together (unless some squads are acting alone to take objectives). don't mix them too much, nothing is worse that having your tanks blow up and take out a dozen of your own men

    a good tactic is to set up your heavy tanks on one side and let him set up accordingly. then place your troops on the opposite side and move your tanks back when the battle starts.

    7. Infantry Platoons Win Games

    8. don't get cocky after the first 3 turns, the game usually gets harder from there

    9. lasguns are bonus kills, you need lots of HWs to get reliable damage!

    10. CC happens, don't worry about it. let them much a few squads, you should have plenty where those came from. don't spend lots of points on CC units (all IG CC units are sub par at best, crap at worse). instead just use damage minimizing tactics and rely on firepower (it's what we do best )

    good luck!!
    good luck

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    I take it that another AV14 vehicle to soak up and dish out punishment is more important than indirect fire if you're going all tanks.
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