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    Index Of Space Marine Articles and FAQ's

    (Tactica: Drop Pods-)Drop Pods Tactica - by ForgedInTheFurnaceOfWar
    SM Bike Tactica 1: What you need to know about bikers - by Chaosbrynn
    Whirlwind Tactica - by Unknown.
    (Space Marine vs- Tactics)SM versus tactica - by Kristofer
    (Space Marine Tactica: Head Quarters)Marine HQ tactica - by ForgedInTheFurnaceOfWar and Ezekiel1990.

    Space Marine Codex FAQ by Games Workshop (PDF File)
    Black Templars Codex FAQ by Games Workshop (PDF File)

    Blood Angels Codex Update by Games Workshop (PDF File)
    Space Wolf Codex Update by Games Workshop (PDF File)
    13th company (Space Wolves) Rules and Updates by Games Workshop (PDF File)


    SM Bike Tactica 2: What to do with your bikers - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Speeder Tactica: Swift Justice of the Emporer - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Whirlwind Tactica: Death from above, and below - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Sergeant Tactica: The Hidden Powerfist - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Flamer Tactica: To Flame or not to Flame, but more importantly WHERE to flame - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Tactica: Rhinos - by Viktor
    SM Tactical Squad Tactica: Dont break the backbone - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Tactica: Terminators - by Ezekiel1990
    SM HQ Tactica: A not so brief look - by LO SM community, compiled by Ezekiel1990
    SM Tactica: Reversed Flank Tactic - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Tactica: Baiting Your Oponent - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Tactica: Pred Sponson Management - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Tactica: Supporting Your Units - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Tactica: Denying The Hidden Powerfist - by Chaosbrynn
    SM Tactica: Devastating Firepower - by Chaosbrynn
    SM VS. IG - by Addoran
    SM VS. Eldar - by Addoran

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    Mentor of Space Marine Commanders far and wide.

    Efficiency VS Point Cost VS Ease Of Use - Your best bets:

    1) Chaplain led Assault squad - 2 plasma pistols, powerfisted sergeant

    2) 8 man Devastator squad - 4 missile launchers

    3) Land Speeder Tornado - HB + AC

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