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    Okay this is going to be the new tactica since the last one wasn't going anywhere good. This time I want to hear from all BA players in favour of gaining a full tactica, instead of just my opinion.

    To start things off heres my view on picking HQ's.

    First and foremost the leaders must be selected, since they will dictate your army. I feel that in 1000pts only one leader should be chosen (chaplain) since the extra cost for death company makes it about a quarter of your armies points. Sure you can play BA without a chaplain but then you end up with 2-6 death company who loose the majority of there effectiveness. In any game over 1000pts I will field 2 HQ choices and usually taking the additional wound on the chaplain.

    A Blood Angel chaplain is one of the best units in the game. Attached to his death company they get jetpacks for a small pts cost which only ensures that the unit will charge; allowing the chaplains re-roll failed to-hit ability to come into play. Combined with the fact that DC has vet sgt stats and you get a very powerful unit capable of eliminating anything (not to mention the bonus strength and initiative). I usually don’t give the chaplain any additional equipment since the overall cost is too much and makes it a viable target for multiple weapons (such as a Basilisk and a Russ).

    The second choice should be a Librarian. The psychic hood is invaluable against opponents who depend on psychic ability (Eldar) for there own tactics. The force weapon is the meat and potatoes of the Librarian however. The fact that it can kill any characters or monstrous creature outright is too big to leave him on the shelf. Give him a jetpack and now he is almost guaranteed to assault giving him the bump for strength and initiative allowing him to further his success of killing a biggie. I won’t go over all the spells but rather the one that I feel will give the most success. First and foremost realize that you want the Librarian only to assault those that his force weapon will work best against so you don’t want to be using psychic powers in close combat. I use Fear of Darkness and I am convinced it is the best psychic power, if not a bit unreliable (high risk, high reward). The primary use of this power is to either A. get mass amounts of enemy away from your DC so they can assault who they want without fear of mass counter assault; or B. get the enemy away from the objective. Now obviously you have to be careful with this power as it could make the enemy that you want to assault run away and thus leave you open but considering this : chaplain and dc get ready to assault but are to far away and will be shot up by mass pathfinders and reapers who are all in woods. The librarian makes a sacrifice move to save the chaplain (who must get to the enemy in order for BA to win) and uses fear of darkness. Two pathfinder units retreat out of the woods (no shot) and the reapers. While the Librarian gets smoked next turn, the chaplain lives on to unit jump the remaining units with ease.

    While the SHP and force commander give interesting options, but I feel that they don’t stand up to either the Librarian or Chaplain. Considering the chaplain is a mandatory choice, you have to ask yourself what is going to be more useful. Obviously if you know your opponent, a SHP may be better, but in a tournament and random gaming a Librarian offers more against a variety of opponents and thus should be your second HQ choice.

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    The first rule here should be:

    1. If you want to play BA, you need to play at least partially assault oriented, preferrably assault should be your focus. With Black Rage, you're at a disadvantage with heavy weapons and a great advantage at assaulting.

    2. Ask yourself what are the best assault units for points in a BA list...
    a. Death Company b. Honor guard c. Veteran Assault squads d. Assault Squads e. BA scout squads f. tactical squads in rhinos

    I would say that for the pts the death company is by far the best assault unit you can take. So, maximize your death company. That means chaplain(s) and lots of low cost squads for more chances of defectors. Load every small squad with a veteran sergeant with no equipment. That way you'll have power weapons or power fists in the death company.

    Next, I would pick BA scout squads since the infiltrate in close and have CCW/BP's.

    Lastly, if dealing with big threats like daemon princes and such, a BA librarian is pretty lethal.

    3. Ask yourself, "How am I going to get these cool assault squads across the table without getting them all shot up?" Well, jet packs are my personal favourite. Rhinos work for tactical squads. Land raiders are great but cost a lot. Also, think about using vehicles to screen your expensive troops and hq's that are using jump packs. One way I've achieved this is to use a few "Baal" class predators to screen my jump pack death company. Even better are overcharged rhinos are great cause they shoot out to their blocking positions in turn one.
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