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    I've been developing this really cool strategy for my ironhands with a Techmarine and realized that's what's missing from the DH list. Why no techpriest? I say techpriest instead of a techmarine because of the space marine with GKs thing.

    It's strange that the inquisitors and GKs can't get the tech support. If we field a dread, or a LR, we need them to last and it's a big blow when they go down. I can only assume it's for game balance. But we have servitors of all sorts, (less WS skill though) so we really should have it available.

    So I developed my Iron hand list (heavy on the DH) with a techmarine as a HQ and he can keep the Dreads going. Something that my pure DH force rarely experiences. So using my DH assets like a LR, and Dreads, I've developed a SM list. Well 3 elements of it are, the rest is DH in disguise. The Land Raider would hold the GK troop squad if I went the inquisitor lord route.

    Just curious, what way would y'all go, Inquisi Lord/Assassin or GK termies?

    Techmarine (4 tech servitors, requiring a 2+ to fix)(scion Trait)
    Inquisitor Lord (firestorm) OR GK GM w/ body guard

    2 Venerable Dreads TLLC/ML (always in B2B with Techmarine)(Wisdom Trait)
    Callidus Assassin (never leave home without her) OR more GK termies

    6man Tact Squad, 1 LC, razorback TLLC
    6man scout sniper squad
    8man GK squad, 2 psycannon
    7man GK squad, 1 incin

    Fast Attack
    10man GK squad, 2 psycannons

    Land Raider Crusader

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    I'm not a fan of the techmarine. If I remember correctly (I don't have my codices with me), the techmarine has to be in base-to-base contact with the vehicle he's repairing which means he has to travel to it before he can repair it. How many vehicles will a techmarine be able to repair in a six turn game?

    Going back to your first point though, daemonhunters can't ally a techmarine because techmarines weren't around when the daemonhunters codex was written. Maybe they'll allow techmarines to be allied in a future version of the FAQ.


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