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    Well, the RT tournament at Ghengis-Con was this weekend and was my first 40k tournament since I started playing this summer. I brought my Imperial Guard with the following list at 1750 points:

    Command Platoon
    -Command Squad, HSO bp/pw
    -Anti-tank squad, 3x lascannons, sharpshooter, light infantry
    -Anti-tank squad, 3x ML, sharpshooter, light infantry

    Stormtroopers (4+sgt), deepstrike, 2x meltaguns
    Stormtroopers (6+sgt), infiltrate, 2x plasmaguns

    Infantry Platoon
    -Command Squad, JO, honorifica bp/pw, autocannon, plasma, ID
    -Squad 1, heavy bolter, plasma, COD
    -Squad 2, heavy bolter, plasma, COD
    -Squad 3, missile launcher, plasma, COD
    -Squad 4, missile launcher, plasma, COD
    -Squad 5, missile launcher, plasma, COD

    Armored Fist Squad, plasma, COD, chimera w/ multi-laser and hull HB

    Fast Attack:

    Heavy Support:
    Leman Russ
    Leman Russ

    I'm not going to post the bat-reps because that will take like 3 hours but here are the summaries:

    First round I played against Necrons in a basic table quarter mission. He had about 40 warriors (2x 10 and 1x 20), 2 lords, 3 Heavy Destroyers, 6 wraiths, and a monolith. I spent the first two rounds shooting everything my infantry had at his heavy destroyers and monolith (which I have no idea why he didn't deepstrike it) and managed to kill only one HD, which got back up. My tanks blasted away the greater portion of his 2 smaller necron squads. His larger squad was on the other end of the table so I didn't worry as much about it. His wraiths shrugged off like 15 wounds as they came in on my flanks...I've never seen someone make so many armor saves in my entire life. Time ran out on round 3, just as his wraiths made it into close combat. They wiped out one squad, giving me time to blast away at them and one of his warrior squads while deepstriking my other stormtroopers, denying him any table quarters and keeping one for myself. Victory, just barely.

    Second round I faced Death Guard in a hill-control mission. It was based on VPs but had bonus points for controlling hills. This was actually my first time fighting against chaos but I had messed around with them as a possible second army for a while so I sorta knew what to expect. He brought 3 CSM squads, 2 demon packs, a big squad of terminators, a land raider, a predator, and the Great Unclean One. I basically got my ass kicked on this one...the mission had preliminary bombardment and I had 2 vehicles stunned and 3 squads get decimated by it. (my lascannon team, my command squad, and an infantry squad) There was also no cover in my table quarter and I had to basically hide everything behind my vehicles. He had some nice rolls with the landraider, pred, and terminators and killed everything but one russ on the first turn, effectively boxing in 75% of my infantry. By the end I had more hills than him (which I think he let me do because he felt bad) but had like 500 more VPs than I. I managed to kill a couple marine squads, a demon pack, and like 3 terminators. He had a solid list but I think I coulda won that if I had a better starting position and didn't get boned by prelim. bombardment.

    Third round I faced the Sisters of Battle in a weird mission where each player wrote a point value down on some markers and put them on the table face-down. At the end, each person turned up the markers they controlled and got the points written on it, with bonuses for controlling the ones your opponents place. My opponent brought 2 squads of seraphim, 3 SoB squads in rhinos, 2 exorcists, a palatine and a canoness. The table had terrain all across the middle, effectively restricting mobility of vehicles. Deployment was within 10" of the table edge on opposing quarters, which really cramped the hell out of my army. There was no infiltration either, which added to my deployment zone cramping. Early game, my ordnance pummeled his seraphim while my heavy weapons broke down his rhinos. I was able to use terrain well enough to keep my basilisk and tanks safe while I whittled his forces down. I managed to take most of his squads below half, leaving him only 2 pieces which could capture objectives. I also held 2 objectives as he had me pinned into my deployment zone pretty well early on. My objectives had higher numbers however, so I won 5-3. I lost out on some bonus points because I didn't hold any table quarters or any of the markers he had placed.

    Overall I placed 22nd out of 40, even with 2 wins out of three. My army was painted rather hastily because I procrastinated finishing it until the week before the tourament so I lost a lot of points there. I really just wanted to see how I did performance-wise, which wasn't too bad. Next time I'll be all pretty-like.

    For what it's worth, my friend's mechanized Tau cleaned house. He won 2 out of 3 as well but he got a TON of bonus points in his two wins and had a very well-painted army, so he placed 13th overall. He beat a marine and IG player quite badly (going so far as to wipe out his marine opponent's army to the man) but lost to Death Company in the last round.

    This message brought to you by The Council of People Who Are Sick Of Seeing More People.

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    What day did you go? I was there Sat. and im sure i watched you play cause i watched a few people. i also bought a necron army in the dealers room

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