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Thread: Imperial Guard

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    How are the Imperial Guard better/worse than the Tau?

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    Well this is from Point of View, as i dont play tau, and i am soon starting IG.


    Both Shooty
    Both Suck ass in hth


    IG has more selection of units, doctorines etc, variants.
    Ig has more firepower, more en masse, ords, and tanks.

    Tau doesn't have that, tau are just wannabe eldar, with a few low ap guns...
    and such...

    tau claim to be shooty, but.... ig can shoot more shots... outshoot them....
    so?.... whatsup with that.. is all i'm saying...

    We got tanks, and in fact more wargear and special rules...

    Tau are.. "for the greater n00b" haha

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    Simply put, both IG and Tau rely on shooting their opponent to win. however, how and what they shoot makes all the difference.

    Generally speaking, IG uses attrition and "shock and awe" to beat their opponents into submission that is to say, you use LOT of gun
    usually IG armies tend to be slow and bulky, but when their firepower is thrown in one direction the result is usually bloody!

    Tau however, don't have the benifit of large numbers (compared to IG) and really good tanks (Hammerhead is ok, but no Russ). There are two general types of Tau armies.

    a) Static shooty. popular in 3ed (due to screening), this list uses lots of footslogging FireWarriors backed up by some Broadsides and some Suits. not that mobile, but has some nice Str5 firepower. however, now that screening is gone, this setup is become less popular.

    b) Mobile Tau. this list uses lots of Transports and does the ol' pop out and rapid fire trick. it also uses a good amount of Suits.

    most of the time, static Tau vs static IG... will result in an IG victory. simply because IG has more guns and more bodies. Tau can't take casulties like IG can, and since Tau are not a CC threat, IG is free to blast away.
    however, mobile Tau vs static IG is much different.

    personally i think Mobile Tau is the way Tau i ment to be used. Static firepower is IG bread n' butter, but Mobile Shooty is the realm of the Tau. True, IG has Mechanized (ie Mobile IG) and don't get me wrong, Mobile IG is not bad at all. but imho, Mobile Tau > Mechanized IG.

    Mobile Tau is not for the fient of heart, in fact Tau in general are anything but a "noob" army! seriously, neither IG or Tau are easy armies to use. i've seen many a IG/Tau player get spanked by average SM/CSM players. and if they're unfortunate enough to face off against a Nid/KoS/DE player.... it's usually over before it begins!

    however, in the hands of someone who
    a) knows how to build an effective list
    b) knows how to set up
    c) knows how to prioritize targets
    d) knows the tricks of a shooty armie
    e) is lucky at rolling 4+

    IG & Tau can be very effective!

    now, obviously my love is for IG but Tau are also a very interesting and fun army to use.

    it really comes down to playstyle and taste.

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    IG is also one of the most flexible armies around.

    IG can pair with almost any ally (Kroot Mercs, Witch Hunters, Demon Hunters). IG can take lots of different doctrines which lead to a lot of creative army lists (drop troops, mechanized). Not to mention theres even plenty of Chaos lists that you could use your IG models in! Most flexible in the game if you ask me.

    You can field 100s of models, or just a few tanks in an armored company. Although you may have an idea of what you are going against when your opponent plays Guard, you never know what he will be bringing to the table.

    Not to mention the cool fluff and the sense of pride that comes with commanding the Average Joe's of the Imperium. We arent called the Emperor's hammer for nothing!
    I am the Aquila-Guerilla!

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