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    I have a standard looking Order of Our Martyred Lady,

    Canoness with Celestian Bodyguard with Immolator
    Celestian Superior with Celestian Bodyguard with Immolator

    Celestian Squad with Priest with Rhino
    Dominion Squad with Meltaguns with Rhino

    2x Battle Sister Squads

    Fast Attack
    Seraphim Squad

    Heavy Support
    Retributor Squad with Multimeltas with Immolator
    Retributor Squad with Heavy Bolters with Immolator

    I am in need for some advice on where to expand my forces. With a preacher in the Celestian force, can he lead or is he a trooper.

    Can Battle Sisters be located on another world other then Terra or Ophelia VII, with their convents?

    Any other help and advice would be great.

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    Wow, whats with all the Immolators? Got a plan in mind other than wanting to burn the f*** out of your opponent...or try anyway. Immolator's tend to be used for bait rather than anything else or not used at all. All those Immolator's are big points waste. You might wanna check if your interested my heavy support tips in this forum, it's old but still relevant. But I do reccomend you save your points with the immolator's and covert it into more battle sisters. How many points has this come to anyway, and how many sisters in each squad?

    OKAY FIRST OFF iT'S BEST NOT TO START LAYING OUT YOUR ARMY RIGHT NOW! A bunch os sister stuff is about to change, some things are gonna go and more is gonna be added, either way you can't go wrong with normal battle sister squad's, equip them with frag grendades and use a choice from the priestly deglagation if you wish.

    And the sisters can come from Fenris if you want them to, there is no reason why they can't be anywhere else. On Terra and Ophila are where the Prioress's are, they're kinda like the sob hq, but by no means their only 'home' they have well known covenants on other areas e.g. the famous one on Cairo, birthplace Uriah Jaccobus or however you spell your name.

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