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    I've not constructed this army list yet, but I thought I'd run the idea by you guys. There are a few 'Be Swift As The Wind' armies popping up now, and I think this is because Ravenwing, whilst having some nice aspects, just don't cut it whilst they still operate under their old points cost.

    The Idea I have is as follows, and is listed as an overall force rather than a points specific army list:

    This first version is a dedicated Bike/Land Speeder force built for it's overwhelming speed.

    HQ Units
    2 Chaplain Reclusiarchs on Bikes
    He is added primarly for his 'Litanies Of Hate' and 'Honour The Chapter' rules.

    Elite Units
    3 Attack Bike Squads
    All squads contain 3 x Attack Bikes armed with Multi-Melta's and with the 'Tank Hunter' skill. These 3 squads are the sole Anti-Armour squads in the army, but as you can see, they sholuld do a pretty meaty job of it.

    Troop Units
    Scout Bike Squads
    6 Scout Bike Squads with Vet Sergeants and 'Skilled Rider'. Now, this caused me a little bit of a headache initially, whether to take Marine Bike Squads or Scout Bike Squads or a few of each, but I decided to stick to my guns and use all scouts for this version. They're cheaper and they have the 'Scout' special rule (that's 6 squads geting a free 12" move before the game starts (Y) ).

    Fast Attack Units
    3 Land Speeder Squads
    2 squads of Tornado's and a squad of standard Land Speeders. I think there guys speak for themselves.

    This second version keeps the same HQ and Fast Attack options but adds Heavy Support vehicles too. Changes in other areas are as follows:

    Elite Units
    Scout Bike Squads
    3 Scout Bike Squads with Vet Sergeants with 'Furious Assault'. This skill added to their 'Scout' ability means these guys could be in the mix on turn 1 with bonuses to initiative and strength.

    Troop Units
    6 Marine Bike Squads
    Each Squad is made up of 4 bikers, a Vet Sergeant and an Attack Bike, all with 'Skilled Rider'. My models currently allow for 4 Squads with 1 x Plasma Gun & 1 x Melta gun and 2 Squads with 2 x Flamer. My idea is to attach Multi-melta Attack Bikes to the Plasma/Melta Bike Squads and Heavy Bolter Attack Bikes to the Flamer Squads (as dedicated anti-troop Squads). Vet Sergeants will be equipped with close combat weaponry.

    Heavy Support
    3 Ranged Fire Vehicles
    Any combo of Predator, Whirlwind and Vindicator. Other options is to take 'Heed The Wisdom Of The Ancients' and use Dreadnoughts in a Heavy Support role.

    Army Trait(s):
    'Be Swift As The Wind' (and possibly 'Heed The Wisdom Of The Ancients&#39
    'Death Before Dishonour' (and Possibly 'Flesh Over Steel' of 'Heed The Wisdom' is also taken)

    Well there you have it. I'd be interested in your views on these ideas.

    Thanks, Wolfkin


    Terminator Based Custom Chapter

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    I personally like the list, i do agree with the previous post on the Chaplains, they would basically be playing catch up without a regular bike squad to join. The scout bikes... i've considered it... do they work that well, I usually use 2 squads of bikes, but never scout bikes. However, i do love the new chaplain rules with the new codex
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