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Thread: My Army List

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    hey everyone, i was thinking about what I'll do for my WH army now, and i came up with this for 1,000 pts.

    HQ Canoness- Litanies of faith, Blessed weapon, plasma pistol, and book of st. lucius

    Troops- 2 squads of 10 sisters, vet. superiors with plasma pistol+ ccw, and 2 meltas

    Fast Attack- 10 dominions, 4 stormbolters, leader with a stormbolter, imagifier

    Heavy Support- 10 Retributors, 4 heavybolters, leader with a combi-plasma, imagifier

    Exorsist- extra armour, smoke launchers.

    also, for 1,500 pts i would use a really good psychic inquisitor lord+ retinue
    and a vindicare assasin (they're so cool) to make up the extra 500 pts.

    My main enemies are lotsa chaos footsloggers with anti-tank, and a defiler and predator, with unmarked guys and a squad of Berserkers

    AND a marines player (surprise surprise) who is thinkin about goin mechanized, does the trust your battle brothers (counter attack, true grit) thing, and wants to use 4 missle dev. squad, and 2 preds, as well as those cc librarians w the 6 attacks base, and shooty termies

    WELL is there anything you think i should change or does it look like a pretty good list? I'm going to be using faith to punch through there armour here for the most part, but itsn't thant what sisters love to do, after all?

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    Dude, please stick this in the army list section. If you haven't noticed it don't worry, everyone does this at one time or another. Just move it a popel should read it.
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