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    You know, I was considering the Grey Knights and wondering just what changes might come about in the army through either Chapter Approved or even the next codex. I am not talking about becoming vanilla, but providing some balance. Since, I would think, that the goal is for any well-used army to beat any other well-used army, depending on mission and chance.

    The first thing that I can think of is maybe giving them a better ability to defend against enemy armor. Right now the choices are melee weapons like thunder hammers or chainfists or else taking dreadnoughts and the ever expensive land raider. (I usually do not like orbital strikes, except in larger games.) Don't get me wrong, a land raider and two dreadnoughts can certainly cut down enemy armored vehicles and a psycannon can punch holes in weak points on some tanks or APCs. I am talking about weapons with a strength of at least 8 (yes, I know - meltaguns on stormtroopers).

    This comes up due to the fact that, for some reason, I am always playing with enemy armor that has a rating of 14. Monoliths, other land raiders, you get the idea. Maybe the designers will leave things as be, but maybe we could end up with a short ranged weapon that can be carried by Grey Knights. Say 12" range, but strength 8 or 9. It would be effective for them against demons too, since it could be a one shot weapon intended as your last resort against a charging Bloodthirster or other ugly monster.

    Again, not looking to make a fun and challenging army to play become vanilla. Just interested in what people would do, maybe to add fluff.

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    You trying to kill Daemonhunters? Are ya? HUH??!!
    It seems like a good idea, but you want them to be a little challenging to play...
    plus SOX WIN!!!!!!
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