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    Tau vs mechanised IG

    Yesterday I had a real wake up call when it came to my Mechanised army and my tactics against the blue-skinned Tau. I tried using my russes as a wall for my chimeras. The result was a victorious slaugther for the tau player, so I knew that some rethinking had to be done.

    Firstly, what is it that we fear with tau? Three things, suits, hammerheads and pulserifles.
    Which of these three can deal with AV 14? hammerheads (broadsides to but I rarely face those), and what does he got to target the chimeras with when the hammerhead are down: suits, which damages the front armour on 5 plus, pretty hard.

    Another great advantage Mechanised IG has over tau is that ML, HB and HS all have range of 36". Make them come to you in other words. In order to take down the hammerheads you need a decent amout of s 8+ weapons. In my army 3 normal squads have lascannons, my russes can use their ordnace (2 d6 pick the highest is like 4+ when used against AV 13.)

    A problem that occured the last time I played was stealth suits, if they are allowed to flank your force than they can easily destroy a chimera by targeting the weak side or rear armour. And those annoying things have 3+ save. What would be best suited to hunt them down?

    Answer a demolisher. I mean wouldn't it be terrific to have a demolisher go up pretty close and chase those suits on the run. He wouldn't want to stick his stealth suits so that they could be targeted by the demolisher the following round (a 100 pts chimera isn't worth the 190 pts expenisive stealth unit)

    The main thing is to take down his hammerheads, chase his stealthsuits and make sure his firewarriors aren't in range to shoot at the lascannon wealding infantry squads. The chimeras can rain some heavy fire on him (50 shots a turn!) which means about 10 dead firewarriors each turn, pretty nasty.

    A last thing would it be a good idea to let your russes stick behind cover so that they cannot be seen and then the following round go 6" and fire at the hammerheads? It's important if you doesn't get the first turn (when I left my russes out in the open yesterday, 1 got blown up and the other lost its turret.)

    What are your own opinions when put against tau? frontal assault or relaxed shooting?

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    Guardsman 173rd, those are incredible - you've impressed me and my friend who I linked it to. Nice work!!

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    Well, as a Tau player, I think I can offer some help, in the form of stuff that beats my guys up.

    1) You can take Lascannons and many other nasty big guns in your regular troop choices! Do so! It doesn't matter that it's a bit of a stretch for a Lascannon to take out a Hammerhead-when you've got 4 or 5, you've got plenty of chances.

    2) Bring a few really small, cheap squads-conscripts, maybe, for the sole purpose of tying Fire Warriors and Crisis Suits up in CC. You probably won't win, but the Tau suck as bad as the grunts, so you'll have them occupied for the whole game.

    3) Sentinals, expecially Steel Legion ones (With the Lascannon) are evil. Not only can they easily kick a team of Fire Warriors or a Crisis Suit to death, they can easily light up Battlesuits with their Lascannons, be a threat to Hammerheads, especially on the side, they look really cool, too. But that's not the important part.

    4) Keep your Russes way the hell in the back! Not the front! They may be really tough, but a Railgun can still blow through them. Plus, if they're close, a smart Tau player will drop Crisis Suits with TL Fusion Blasters close to them. That, or Human Auxilieries with EMP Grenades.

    5) Blast Templates are your friend. With the assorted Russes, and the Basilisk, you can bring lots. It doesn't matter if you can't hit many things, they're harder-hitting then any Guardsman and will wreak havoc with Fire Warriors.
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