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Thread: Against Orks?

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    So, I'm going to try to play a game this upcoming weekend versus some Orks, and the only experience I have against them is as a Necron player.

    I was wondering what you thought of this matchup? I think SoB have a really good shot- flamers against such a numerous army are sure to be effective, especially when the enemy doesn't get an army save.

    Does anyone have any suggestions/comments about going against Orks using SoB? Just wondering

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    Hey asmodeus, we talked about this over chat but just in case anyone else is interested or if you’ve forgotten I’ll see if I can sum up what was said:

    The Ork’s are one of the toughest armies to try and beat with the sisters, that and the tau! They can easily take advantage of the sob weakness, yes flamers are good but when the ork’s start coming there’s no stopping them and you personally don’t want them that close because in the next turn your dead. Flamers let the orks come too close for comfort, and dosen’t necessarily catch them all. The last thing you want them doing is swamping you!If you have room for flammers then use them they will come in handy to protect the front line if they do manage to come that close early on (an immolator will be good at this although I can’t gurantee it will last long since it tends to be one of the first things that get picked on, but in a way that gives you your time to keep gunning down their troops). Personally I suggest you get as many heavy bolters instead wherever possible so it may be a good idea to have 2 retributor squads.
    Keep your army together, don’t have wondering squads these will be easy pickings and will weaken the army in general. Use the sister famulous to get some guardsmen heavy weaponry in there and if you have them the redemptionists are great for cases like these since they are cheap, plentyful and certain weaponry is generally effective for the weaker pickings (although at the mo I would not suggest going out buying them...since they soon are gonna go bye bye with the witch hunters codex).
    With orks you need to play defensive wether you like it or not. Although yes the sisters can handle it will ruin your later plans if you allow them to get to close too soon, so move back if you have too, except for the heavy weapons which trust me you will need that extra turn. If you do move back make sure that your flanks are equally balanced. Thats one thing I’ve noticed with dedicated Ork players they have an uncanny eye for the weakest flank and then try to swamp you in general. Don’t let this happen until you’ve at least got their numbers down, yes it will eventually happen and the early warnings of this are just one or two assaults. If you stayed with the idea of keeping your army together your army should be almost in layers where if these assaults are getting tricky then the squad behind them can join in. Try not to brake the flank and leave open access for them to get at your heavy weponry.
    You have plenty chance to survive if you let them come to you, and let your oponent squander away his models. This is the way I’ve found best with my sisters. Good luck, may the light of the Emperor be with you! GO KILL SUM ORKS!

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