Looking for advice for Deathwing - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Looking for advice for Deathwing

    So i've got slightly tired of shooting at stuff with Tau and figured i didn't want to go entirely CC as my fantasy chaos army is totally CC.

    So SM seemed like a good idea.

    Then i saw the Deathwing and was wowed over with the power of this army. Aside from the Eldar person at our store who has a rediculously high number of AP2 shots in his army.

    I'm just looking for general info on how people would play an all termie army. My first army is going to look like.

    1x librarian w/ force weapon, the template attack and veil of time.
    1x assault termie squad (2x lightning claws each)
    1x terminator squad w/ 2 heavy flamers (teleport assault to this squad probably)
    1x terminator squad w/ 2 assault cannons
    1x terminator squad w/ 1 assault cannon & 1 missile launcher
    1x dreadnaught w/ lascannon & missile launchers (for tank killing).

    It's something around 30 models and 1700 points. (i'm never going to complain about basic troop costs of Tau again )

    I've been slowly building this army, but was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for me.


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    There are plenty of discussions about deathwing in this forum. Please use the serach function before posting new threads. If you want advice on a list, post it in the army list section with the approriate title.

    Thank you

    Mentor of Space Marine Commanders far and wide.

    Efficiency VS Point Cost VS Ease Of Use - Your best bets:

    1) Chaplain led Assault squad - 2 plasma pistols, powerfisted sergeant

    2) 8 man Devastator squad - 4 missile launchers

    3) Land Speeder Tornado - HB + AC

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