I've finnally decided to go with Blood Angels so I just wanted to see who else played and if you had any tips. I already have a spacie army I've had for quite some time and now I'm converting away. I think this is what I have concerning what I'm converting to blood angels(I have about 600 pts of black templar that I started to collect and then the new codex came out, so I'm not sure wether to just finish it or make it my own altered chapter):

~50 basic marines(I still have a few more of them I'm repairing from the old owners abuse, poor lads... They're in good hands now and will find glory soon!)
1 dread
8 termies(1 ML, 1 AC)
10 Assault troops
~18 various heavy weapons for Devi's and main troops
1 Land Raider just because I love them
some random HQ, mostly captains I'm hoping to get a chaplain and sanguary(sp?) priest soon.
5 CCW scouts
1 attack bike

and thats about all I have that I can remember, I'm hoping to get a Baal pred soon for my b-day, that thing is so friggin' awesome! Especially now with the new AC rules! Anyhow any tips, advice, warm welcomes?

If you guys want my fluff you'll have to petition for it I don't want to waste my time and have no one care. Thanks all!