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    Heed the wisdom of the Ancients

    What are the possiblities of playing 6 dreadnaughts in a SM list? Would it actually work? I figured taking Scion of Mars would be a good second trait so the Techmarine an HQ.

    You can also make them all Venerable. If you do that then your opponet only has a 1/36 chance of destroying the dreadnaughts on a glancing hit, and a 25% on a penetrating hit. If you give everything smoke launchers and extra armor that makes them even more scary.

    You would probably need at least 2 Dreadnaughts with Lascannons and Missles (give them Tank Hunters). I'm not sure about the rest.

    If someone were to do this, getting magnets would be really helpful so you could change the army accordingly.

    Who brings a Hammerhead to a 500 point fight?!
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    Fortunatelly we have gone over this subject 3 or 4 times now. Please use the search function before posting threads as we end up with redundant threads.

    Mentor of Space Marine Commanders far and wide.

    Efficiency VS Point Cost VS Ease Of Use - Your best bets:

    1) Chaplain led Assault squad - 2 plasma pistols, powerfisted sergeant

    2) 8 man Devastator squad - 4 missile launchers

    3) Land Speeder Tornado - HB + AC

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