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Thread: Iron Will

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    Iron Will

    So the Inquisitor Lord has the Iron Will ability, which lets him choose whether to pass or fail a morale test. I have two questions. First, what are some of the times you would actually choose to fail the test? Second, if the IL chooses to fail the morale test, can she be annihilated by a sweeping advance or does the enemy only get to consolidate?

    I played a game last week where somebody's Inquisitor Lord got her whole retinue shot up by some Terminators so she had her Lord join a nearby unit of Battle Sisters to protect her. Just then a dreadnought charged the sisters. The sisters couldn't hurt the dreadnought and the Inquisitor Lord couldn't either without being able to use her Inferno Pistol so they were doomed to eternal combat... so when the dreadnought killed a sister and won combat the player chose to have the unit fail their morale test and fall back. The sisters rolled good on their sweeping advance check but the Inquisitor Lord rolled bad and got killed by the sweeping advance even though she was on the opposite side of the unit from the dreadnought. Made no sense.


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    Iron will was better in old edition rules when we didn't have to roll & compare initiative scores.
    And over there we have the labyrinth guards.
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