Hiya Guardsmen, yeah you've probably noticed I've got quite a few projects going
on creating a witch hunters team allied with space marines, it leaves me with out
alot of choices for sisters of battle (Cause it excludes all of them) (except Storm
Troopers) Hellcannons, and carparace armour I think, but not like the drop troopers
from The IG codex.

Incorperate a Inquisitorial retinue designed for combat (gun servitors and combat
servitors, and the other goodies)

1 command section for IG.

I'm having trouble reading the command platoon section. Fire Support teams dont
make sense, and neither do the command sections for troopers.

I'm going to try and achieve from the WH codex Inquisitorial Storm Troopers for
the core force mounted in Chimeras (Troops)

Grab like 2 squads of Imperial Guard Storm Troopers (elites)

2 sentinel Squadrons (fAST attack)

1 hellhound (fast attack)

1 excorsict (heavy)

2 leman russ battle tanks (Heavy)

Any comments and advice? Wondering if this list will work. If not, I'll move stuff around.
Mostly I would classify it as a Mechanized list. But if you see weaknesses regarding
troops or to few troops drop a line in. Thanx!