On GWs site someone mentioned using a WH parent list to gain access to the 6 man capacity Immolator Heavy Tank. Got me thinking of something fresh in the DH world I'd like to try. Obvisously the goal is transport of GKs. The cost and sacrifice don't make this that great, but the variety and character could be cool.

My idea is to get two immolators, tool them out in GK bits, (not sister icons) and make it a GK looking transport. Maybe even name it something else. Then, since I'm in Sister land, get an exorcist, (using a whirlwind model) and again, tooling it out with GK conversions, new name, etc. Cool daemonhunting conversions is the whole point really.

The beauty of this is the limited need for models to play a totally different style of game. Here's my 2000pt list to ilustrate my point.

HQ - WH Palatine (this is where fluff is tested, need to come up w/ better HQ)
HQ - GK Grand Master w/ 4 bodyguard

Elite - 5 GK Terms

Troop - 7 STs, meltas (parent WH troop)
Troop - 7 STs, plasma (parent WH troop)
Troop - 6 man GK squad, Incin (to be in Immolator)
Troop - 6 man GK squad, Incin (to be in Immolator)

Fast Attack - 10 man GK squad, 2 psycannons (may need to exploit rear armour)

Heavy - Immolator, TLMG
Heavy - Immolator, TLMG
Heavy - Exorcist

I need a WH Inquisitor to lead this group, but I think it's required to have a Sister as well. So this is NOT a WH army, fluff and design is all GK, just a proper rules way to get a different GK army. Could look cool, and be fun. Obviously, this is not normal, and some consider it cheating, but I'm not looking for a perfect army, nor to find a way around the GK weakness. Just looking for a characterful, way to have a GK force. The vehicles add a lot to that in my opinion.

Thoughts? Thanks