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    Help with building my army

    Currently I Have
    1 Grey Knight PA squad
    1 purgation squad
    1 callidus assassin
    brother-captain stern
    1 termie squad
    1 Inquisitional storm trooper squad

    I was thinking of getting a Culexus assassin to use in place of my callidus in the event of a really powerful psyker. I'm also debating whether to get another GK squad or Inquisitional stormie squad.

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    First of all, you can't legally field assassins (of any type) without an Inquisitor or Inquisitor Lord. So I suggest you make buying one of those your top priority. I'd further suggest making it an Elite Inquisitor, with a retinue geared towards shooting, since between all the GK and the Callidus you're fine with CC for now.

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    unless you solo the GM and pair him with a seperate unit of termies, you won't need to field stern. you also need an inquisitor to field the callidus (if you like converting, try to give him a psycannon. if not, just use a psycannon GK with some distinguishments. if you get the box unit of ISTs, you probably got a flamer. i can't suggest it (if you're close enough to use a flamer, you're just too damn close with them. they meet assault and go splat).

    that aside, the list of possible users will probably add up to around 1000 points (assuming you get an inq. lord on his own w/ psycannon and got the callidus assassin. the Lord could pair w/ the purgation squad). try organizing a combat patrol first (400 pts?) and get use to the GKs and ISTs, and how to use em. than try 500 pts and figure out what u want your extending army to do (shoot, assault, flank, etc), and expand like that.
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