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    a versitile army......

    i am kind of new to SMs and i came up with a list for my own homemade army:

    traits:cleanse and purify, purity above all, die standing, eye to eye

    tactical squad
    10 SMs
    1 plasma gun
    one metala gun or plasma gun

    fear of darkness
    vortex of doom

    6 scouts
    5 sniper rifles
    1 missle launcher

    5 terminators
    2 assault cannons

    2 scout bikes
    termie honours
    teleport homer

    6 assault marines

    pintle mounted storm bolter
    hunter killer missle

    =1000 pts

    thi list is (i think) very adaptive and also very mobile, critique is welcome

    when in a bar remember:

    drink triple, see double, and act single

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    This may be moved to the army list section deleated but anyway

    First can you take only 2 scout bikes second i think you plan on having the librarian accompany them but dont keep him by himself it will drop the squad to below 50% when the scouts die and screw you out of points

    Second snipers are wasted on most with High LD or lots of models armies Chaos, Nids, SM, IG, Tau if ethernal is playing, so dont take them

    Umm terminators are good but they eat up a lot of points in a small 1000pts game and an army with a lot of missle launchers will blast the bejesus out of them.

    What purpose will the rhino serve as your tactical troopers should be your fire base and you dont need to take the melta gun unless you plan on coming with in 6" of a tank not recomended in most cases

    If you plan on getting this squad close make it 5 models and make another drop the snipers and give them a rocket and the first squad a vet with power weapon or fist your choice (points heavy) you can also take off a terminator to up grade the rhino to a razorback to suit the 5 man strong squad and give you more big guns cool.

    You may want to also get rid of the bike and down grade the librarian to normal put him with the squad with the transport 6 men fit and get more scout bikes with point difference

    (to sum it up) So get rid of a termi and the sniper riffles

    Get another squad, upgrade your transport, Get som big guns, and do something with them bikes

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