Hey all - new to the boards.

I was flipping through the Catachan Codex my friend let me borrow and read the little insert about the Swamprats. I was thinking it'd be cool to make a specific codex for it, some special rules, etc. and some awesome conversions to make the army come alive. Has anyone else done this? Just wondering. I didn't know if anyone has, because I was looking for pictures to sort of guide me before I started any sort of brainstorming of ideas for a codex or any conversions.

Along the lines of converting...I was thinking of trimming the top part of a Catachan head (right above the eyes) and trimming a Tyranid skull to fit on top of the head, like the picture in the codex - and add some foilage on their shoulder and backs to give a "cape" look to them. And of course, paint some sort of thin camo lines on their flesh.

Codex-wise, I was thinking of some of the special rules for the army. Since they were so successful in fighting off the 'Nids, and decorated themselves in 'Nid skulls, bones, carapaces, and scents, they'd get special inherent rules that perhaps some of the 'Nids got. Mainly that of being able to move through difficult terrain as they do. Since they did this to mask their scent that the Lictors used to track them with, they'd have some sort of rule that negated the striking power of Infiltrators or units that used Deep Strike. I was also thinking that they'd get the standard Catachan Fieldcraft rule of being able to shoot 12'' from cover if they don't move (I play Tau and the Fieldcraft rule is what they call the Kroot's ability to do the exact same thing). I was also thinking that since Col. Gator led company against the 'Nids for 7 years, that'd he'd have limited numbers of troops/supplies. To make this somewhat balanced, I was thinking of either making it so that the basic troop choice is a Deathworld Veteran squad, allow only 1 Heavy Support choice and maybe 2 Fast Attack choices, and reducing the numbers of that squad or (for the cost of a few extra points) increasing some of their stats. Help me out on this one if you're digging the idea...I want the numbers to be limited, and show that since he fought for 7 years his supplies are limited, but balanced.

Anyone that's liking the idea and has some cool ideas to help me out, please post. Thanks