Is there anyplace to see who wins tournaments (especially the battles, not the painting, sportsmanship so much) and see what army list they used?
I was wondering what armies are winning these days and how they are filled. It seems everyone says, SM, Eldar & Chaos are the top armies, but what's the ideal tournament list?
If this was any other sport, everyone would be looking at the top winners and modeling their armies after that. I would like to know what's winning even though I'll still want to use my favorite model - the Vindicator.

Anyways, let me know if there's a way to see the army lists of the winners (or even losers - can always learn from others) from tournaments.

PS - I ask for tournament lists because while they might be geared towards SM (given how many SM players) I would hope they are a little more well rounded to work in a tournament setting.