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    Multi Meltas and Retributors

    I have always used heavy bolters in my Retributor squas, and quite successfully. I would like to hear from anyone who has used multi meltas.

    If so:

    -What army were you fighting against? What mission?

    -Where did you place them on the field?

    -Did you take a full or a short Retibutor squad?

    -How did they fare?



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    I quite often use this squad, it can really throw my opponent when they come expecting Exorcists and I give them 80+ Sisters bristling with guns

    I tend to use the Retributors in the centre of my lines to anchor the battlefront, as nothing likes to advance on them and they can command the best fields of fire. I run 10 Sisters with a veteran wielding a Combi-Melta or Combi-Plasma. I tend to concentrate on hitting onrushing enemy units with lots of expensive models, like Terminators.

    On the whole, they lack manouverability and the long range firepower that you get from the Exorcist and your Heavy Bolters, but on the whole they work well, provided you pick and choose your targets carefully. Don't expect them to decimate entire units, just use them to cripple units key to your opponents plans.

    Also, you're guaranteed 4 shots at S8 and AP1, unlike the Exorcist, and although more expensive, are not as vunerable to being hit with Lascannons. You have 55 points of ablative Sister there, so use them to your advantage. As the enemy tries to avoid the big guns, hit them from the flanks with Seraphim and Dominion and catch them in a no-win situation.
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    For my 750 army I am gonna do a dedicated tank hunters squad. 4 Retributers w/ multimeltas,in an Immolater w/ MulitMeltas! the Bane of Characters and Tanks a like! I expect it go well, and good at holding table quaters.

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