well, here, after much, much revision, is some of my fluff for my imp.
okay, first of all, the doctrines:
special weapons squads
stormtrooper squads
Light infantry
okay, secondly, mine is inspired by the m0odern day U.N, thus is why ive slaved away painting the U.N sign on each guardsmen.

here we go:
tarakis is a planet that was first colonised by an imperial colonistaion fleet, that was basically formed of priisoners that were overcrowded in the nearby systems penitentiary world (colonised much like australia). The founding fleet had much trouble containing the rowdy penal captives so decided to form their own specialised control teams of veterans (much like riot squads). Therefore, they then conscripted the prisoners into the imperial guard as conscripts, while the remaining pdf troops were enrolled into the guard as superb light infantry, relying on their skill and stealth to win out.

Rite now i couldnt be bothered to write anymore, so ill rite more tomorrow, ciao