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Thread: What next?

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    What next?

    My sm army is agood balanced force so far. I have the following:

    25 sm

    5 assault marines

    1 preator destructor

    1 rhino

    1 commadnd squad w/ librarian in terminator armour

    1 bike squad

    what should I get next?

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    well what is your style of play? shooty, assault,..? tell us that and we will be able to help you better. i think right now get another assault squad because right now it will get chewed up and spit out before it makes it halfway across the board. have at least 8 members in an assault squad.

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    It would also help if you told us how much money you have to spend, what your chapter is, and how many points you want this list to be.

    I would change that pred into an annihilator so that you have better anti tank support. I would also suggest some land speeders preferably with assault cannons to aid the bike squad. An assault squad is also a must to make the other one you have bigger.
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