A word to the peoples of LO, this idea might be a bit strange but I wanted to see how
many different varieties of Inquisitors there are in the WH Regiment section of the
Imperial Army. I know theres lots of kinds but I wanna see what you use on your list
cause I need to make improvements on mine. Heres my Retinue wheres yours?

Inquisitor Lord
Book of St Lucious
Hexigrammic Wards
Liber Heresius
Pyschic Hood
Master Crafted Plasma Pistol
Force Sword (force weapon)
Inquisitorial Mandate
Psychic Powers
Hammer Of Witches

The Penitient
Sister Hospitallier
2x Crusaders
2x Gun Servitors *heavy bolter *multi melta
The Sage / Calculus Logi