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Thread: Army List Help

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    ITs a gret idea to begin with but don't expand to 4 Devastotor squads thats over kill you need one and maybe two to deal with the majority of heavily armoured armies.

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    It got deleted earlier because you did not follow the posting rules. Army lists go in the Army List forum, and they must be posted as required by the sticky at the top of that forum. Read the sticky, then repost this list in the Army List forum correctly.

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    Army List Help

    This got deleted earlier, so i need some good input. This is going to be a heavy ranged army with a little assault power (fast attack). Just in case you don't notice, i like lascannons.

    Commander Master - 130
    Terminator Armor and Honors, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist, Purity Seals

    5 man Command Team - 195 Points
    2 lascannons, 1 Apothecary, 1 Champion

    Veteran Squad - 125 Points
    5 Veterans - 1 with a pair of lightning claws, 1 with cc weapon and pistol, 1 with pistol and power fist, two with bolters.

    Venerable Dreadnought - Judge Jury and Executioner - 155
    Heavy Flamer, Twin linked Lascannon

    Troops -
    10 Man Squad - 206
    Flamer and Rhino

    5 Man Squad - 180 Points
    1 Lascannon, Razorback w/ lascannon upgrade

    Fast Attack
    5 man Assault Squad - 122
    Two Flamers

    3 Man Biker Squad - 108
    2 Flamers

    Total - 1221
    Need - 779

    These Options are things i havent bought yet, so i would like some input.

    Option 1
    5 Man Dev Squad - 215
    4 Lascannons

    5 Man Dev Squad - 215
    4 Lascannons

    5 Man Dev Squad - 215
    4 Lascannons

    1 Predator Annilhator - 145 Points
    Lascannon Wprgade

    Total - 790 A bit over, but they can take down a lot in a turn.

    Option 2
    3 Unit Land Speeder Squad 240
    Assault Cannon

    3 Unit Land Speeder Squad 210
    Typhoon Unit

    2x10 Marines - 312 Points
    Flamer in each unit

    Total - 762 17 points under. Fast, Versitaile, and Better Numbers.

    Option 3 - Make up an option. I have 1 HQ, 1 Fast Attack, 1 Elite, 3 Heavy Support, and 4 Troop Choices Left.

    Thanh you for your input if any. All of it will be appreciated.
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