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    blood angel things

    i was wondering how well all the other blood angel players did. What is herd to beat and what is easy also some general tactics that people use and say anthiing else that you think should be talked about.

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    lately ive been playing against the same opponants every week, so i have to try something new every game. So i have alot of new tactics tried and tested, most of which worked very well (mainly because they only win when they know what you will do).

    one tactic i tried was having absoloutly everything in vehicle form. Tac squads in rhinos, dreadnoughts and preds (and a vindicator). This tactic works very well in games with more than one army against you, as they are very intimidated by the armour presence heh.

    another one is the unpredictable tacitcs. Guerilla style if you will. When you deepstrike termies, and lots of landspeeders, uses tactical squads in rhinos to move forward and alot of jump packs the enemy is slightly nervous. this is one of the best ways to make anyone nervous about playing against you. Your force is not only horribly quick and hard to slow down, but unpredictable at the same time. You can strike wherever they happen to be weakest, you can take out tanks really quickly and with contemptuous ease and pin down infantry, and obliterate them on two fronts.

    i cant be bothered writin more at the moment but, ill add more later heh
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