1500 pt 4 way battle - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 pt 4 way battle

    so tonight im playing grey knights, ork(speed freaks) and chaos (khorne) players in a 4 way 1500 point seize the middle type game. and i would like some help with an army list...

    I was thinking of having a drop pod army, with 2 big tactical squads, a veterans squad, 2 dreads, and an assault squad, with 2 small tact squads and a dev squad to back it up...

    id give the tacts true grit, and countercharge

    i know its a really quick entry but what else should i take? what stratagies would you reccomend?

    (i know the army list i gave is really short, but i wasnt sure where to post this.... if you guys want a more detailed one id be glad to give it)

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    well no matter what you do your going to be out matched in cc by all 3 armys so get some scouts with bolt pistol and cc weps and then take massive amounts of heavy weps to blow them to hell before they reach your lines

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    Personally I'd take that which they are most vulnerable to :

    Let THEM fight it out..The khorne player will most likely be the one who decides who wins or loses...Make sure he's not gunning for YOU and you aught to be alright

    As much ranged power as possible will help you...ALOT.

    Weaknesses of all 3 of your opponents : Weak Anti-armour...

    Khorne's problem : They gotta charge who's ever there.
    GK problem : he will have less units than everyone else.
    Speedfreaks problem : His vehicles are light enough that they will be able to be brought down by the fists of Khornate marines/bolters

    2x Preds and a ML dev squad would work excellently for your support

    2x Dreads (assault cannon/cc variants)

    MAX YOUR TROOPS. You will want alot of marines...What's a huge pain in the ass for GK/Khorne? PLASMA! If possible have 2x plas guns per squad and keep them healthy.

    Fast attacks :

    Land Speeder Tornados are what I'd personally take, due to the fact that all of them will stomp you in CC. More assaultcannon/heavy bolter lovin. While they are fragile, they can hurt the enemy Real bad....Assaultcannons/HB's can rip thru the armour of the vehicles in the Ork clan, they are skimmers and need 6's to be hit by Khornate marines, all the while feeding them 7 shots a turn (per)...

    My list would look like :

    -Combat sheild

    Elites : 210



    Troops : 510

    10x Mar


    10x Mar
    -2x Plas

    Heavy Support : 265

    1x Pred Anihilator (lassed out)
    1x Pred /w H.bolters

    Fast attack : 240

    3xTornado variant Landspeeders


    Wait back...Wait for them to fight, but try to take up good firing positions. You want that plasma aimed in the right direction. Personally if I had to pick targets to fire on right quick, I'd pick the ones that weaken their position nearest to the enemy... Eg : If he has 6 khorne marines on his right, I'd suggest dumping the majority of your fire power into his right...The marines now move in and he is tied up with them..Not you. You are still free to prowl. Always offer your opponents an easier target than YOU....The laws of a FFA.

    Once they get thinned out a bit, then try to take the center. Once you're there, you are now their main target...Thats when it's tricky...but luckily you have counters to that.

    The plasma shots take care of the power armour
    The HB's/bolters/strong wind take care of ork vehicles.

    Edit :

    You could be a bastard and take 3 landraiders , 2 minimalist scout squads, 3 dreads and such... Since they all have issues dealing with armour reliably, and you'd have kilotons.
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