I just played my friend's BTs, and it was a disaster. It was a 500 point-game (he's just starting) and i filled out my list with 7 GKs, 10 ISTs, an =][= lord, and enough stuff to make an exactly 500 point army.

It doesn't matter what they had, because i had to tromp across the table to him, ISTs in front, then GKs and the =][= on their right. I laughed at his missile launcher's 'accuracy' and proceeded to cause exactly one casualty. Final model count? One Justicar, One Inquisitor Lord, One Combat-servitor, and One Veteran Guardsman with a plasma gun. He had 19 Space marines, with 2 sergeants, 2 flamers, 1 missile launcher, 1 heavy bolter, and one plasma gun, a commander, and a Dreadnought (AC and DCCW wih S

What happened?

Well, first of all, that game was small. DH do very badly in small games, what with these insane points costs. Second, he had control of the game. It would have been immature to simply stop 25" away and say, 'OK, come and get me.' I realize there are many things that could hve been better.

However, now I am resolved to add either a very large Infantry platoon (meat) or a few squads of Battle Sisters (meat, albeit expensive, well-armed and -armored meat) and some Seraphim (speed! speed!)

Any similar problems? Other solutions?