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Thread: Infiltrate

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    I understand the rule about who/where but, the BGB doesn't mention if 'Infiltraters' can be seen if placed in cover and do not move or shoot (reveal themselves) in the first turn or subsequent turns. i.e. they are lying dogo for several turns in ambush.

    Q. Can an opponent shoot at them if he is in wpn range after Turn 2 when the above senario is in play.

    Q. Is there a ref in the BGB?? I can use.

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    in the rulebook it says nothing about them not being able to shoot or move on the first turn. when they are deployed consider it as turn 0.5. it is after all other models are initially placed on the table and before the first turn. they can be seen in cover just like any other mini in cover.

    on to the questions: yes the opponent can shoot at them after trun 2. in fact they can shoot at them whenever they get into range, whether it be turn 4 or turn 1.

    next question: i do not have the BGB, just the abbreviated version that came with the BFM starter box. i do believe it would be under universal special rules in the BGB, just as it is in the small rulebook that i have.

    hope i answered all your questions!

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    Sigh, the rulebook in BFM is the EXACT same rulebook as the big one.. It doesnt have the fluff, but who cares about that since it doesnt impact the rules. Even the page numbers are the exact same, so you have all the rules

    I'm not sure why you would assume that they couldnt be shot, it doesnt even hint at that.. One of the easiest ways to make sense of rules is to not make them up :p

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