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Thread: grenadiers

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    i think we can all agree that the kasrkin models are friggin amazing, i was just wondering if the grenadiers doctrine is in anyway a tactically sound thing to do.

    also if there are any special tactics/equipment you use with this doctrine to make these guys worthwhile.

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    Well I am not exactly an "advocate" of grenadiers...

    but since they're not deepstriking/infiltrating... and they are pointless to stick back due to not having a heavy weapon. you'll need to put them in a chimera in order to get them into battle.

    as for kit, i'd imagine 2 plasmaguns or meltaguns would work the best. a VetSgt doesn't help that much, but might be fun to have a hidden powersword
    squad size should be larger than your average stormie squad, probably around 8 men.

    as for chimera, i am a big believer in the Multilaser/Heavybolter/Heavystubber/smoke setup.

    but there's alot more people on LO who actually use grenadiers as part of their main list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoxANT
    but there's alot more people on LO who actually use grenadiers as part of their main list.
    I am one of these.

    Grenadiers works best mounted in Chimeras, like BoxAnt said with two Plasmas, or Meltas. I use the Vet SGT with power weapon, and one of my Vet Sgts get Honorifica. Yesterday he took down 4 Chaos in CC. Best 25pts you can spend IMO.

    Grenadiers work best in a tank heavy army, to draw away enemy fire on the Chimeras. I take a Russ, Demolisher, other Russ or Bassie, and some times a Hellhound.

    I kit out my Chimeras with ML, HB, Smoke, and sometimes Extra Armour. I also like the Flamer O'Doom Chimera with turret and hull Heavy Flamer. These work very nicely when the get in!

    You use them for Capturing an objective, or plugging holes in your lines, taking out infiltraters etc. I don't send them at the heart of the enemy troops, they are not Marines after all.

    Because you can put a Commissar into your Grenadiers right after the HQ, you can play with a hidden power fist. I have just been to chicken to try it.

    You need to have a lot of fire support with a Grenadier Army. I like to use them in conjunction with three Veterans Squads, each with a Lascannon and two Plasma rifles, kind an Elite BS4 Guard army. I also like a Lascannon and Heavy Bolter HW squads, all get Cameoline to keep safer from shooting. I give the HW teams Sharpshooter.

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