Citizens of the Imperium.

Thought Of The Day: "A good samaritan, has good karma, a bad one, well, ends up dead"
-Ludwig Von Karskov. S.O. MMDF. HQ Division.

Well for those of you who read my post about a mechanized civie fluff army you probably
dont need to read this part. This thread is a follow up to the Meridian Mobile Defence force.

For the uninformed: Meridian Mobile Defence Force is built on machines and the hive
scum from the penal colonies. Making its might up by tanks, it has few elite squads
and inducts sisters of battle that help defend the city from time to time. The main bulk
of the force are mechanized and the preffered support weapon is the lascannon, prefered
special weapons are melta guns/ plasma guns.

I hope to design a good force using WH units Now for inducting WH units, I'm only
going to be inducting an elite section, and two troops sections. But the rest will remain
guardsmen and, as commissars call prisoners, "cannon fodder to tie up enemy combat"
Independent Commisars
Storm Trooper Squads
Conscript Platoons
Now to the Informed:

Structured Command consists of Army HQ with Ludwig Von Karskov, house of office (commies) and one lascannon support squad.

Elites consist of 2 squads storm troopers and, (sisters repentia? or arco flagellants?)
Storm troopers have deep strike.

Infantry Command consists of Heavy w support, and built for CC.

Troops consist of Mechanized infantry each squad sporting a lascannon, or missile launcher
and special weapons and cameleoline purchased in the doctrines. MMDF also employs
Battle sister squads armed each with flamer and heavy flamers, these Battle sister squads
are mounted in rhinos.

Fast attack includes: 2 sentinel squadrons, formation wise, they prefer static defence and
static offence in each squad. Also employs one seraphym squad of 5.

Heavy support includes: 2 leman russ tanks, and 1 demolisher.

If you've got any idea how I can go about purchasing items and squads on my list
I need all the help to squeeze out every point to make it more efficient. Every time
I try to build this list, I keep running out of points.