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    First Guard Army

    i just decided to buy some models for a guard army that i've been planning for a long time, i've based the armies idea on being trench fighters to compliment my behind enemy lines SM army with full infiltrate. I'm just looking for some help with what to buy to make my army characterfull but still strong on the battlefield. For Doctrines i was taking Conscripts, Independant Comissars, Iron Discipline, close order drill & i haven't decided whether i should take any special equipment for them or other doctrines. My idea is to take a Full conscript platoon (50 men) & give them as many flamers as possible (maybe even some heavy weapons with numbers ruling out BS2) & a commisar to lead them & make them virtually fearless. Then i'll take a Armoured Fist Platoon cause i really want some chimeras in my army & i love the idea of them whizzing around the flanks with a huge amount of fire power before unleashing my lovely rapid firing lasguns. I'll take one of each of the following for every normal Guard Infantry Platoon. Then after 2 of these nasty combinations im going to expand into tanks etc. Any ideas or help is welcome...

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