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    Sniper Specials vs. Ratlings.

    Another thread got me wondering about this.

    The only reason to ever take a 3x sniper special weapons squad over ratlings is if you really don't like the ratling models and if your opponent is a jerk who won't let you proxy other minis, right?

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    thats one reason, but there are several reasons why to do that.
    1. you want to save elite spots for other uses like storm troopers.
    2. your playing a mechanized army and you need engiseers.
    3. fluff reasons.

    anyway, I guess it's possible to find a nice enough person to let you use human sniper models, with guardsmen stats and abilities(meaning no special ratling rules being used for the humans)
    in the place of the ratlings, just using thier cost.
    or an even nicer person to let you use the complete ratling rules, just using human sniper models.
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    Imperial Guard-1174

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