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Thread: Where To Start

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    heres the situation i play marines at the moment and want to play demon hunters but no grey knights since i really wanna use demon hosts also by leavin out grey knight i can use vanilla marines does anyone have any tips on what to buy or maybe a army list to use since most of the ones in the army list forum have grey knights also i was wondering is there anyway i can add demon hosts to my marine army

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    Well, i do have a Vanilla allied Marines Army that&#39;s done ok so far.

    How many point were you thinking of useing?

    I&#39;m mired down around 750 atm, but tend to use (roughly and certainly not to point as listed here, just as an idea of some of the units)

    Shooty HQ Retinue OR Hth as follows:

    Inquisitor Lord with Psycannon - other wargear depending on taste - possibly Artificer or Icon
    GS x2 with heavy bolters
    GS with Plasma Cannon
    Sage x 1 or 2 (depending on preference)
    Acolyte (no storm shield, maybe plasma pistol or bolt pistol - something vaugely shooty, anyhow)

    and in HtH

    Inquisitor Lord with Daemon Hammer or ThunderHammer, Digital Weapons, CCW, Holocaust, Artificer and Icon.
    CS x 3
    Acolytes with Storm Shields.
    Rhino, extra armour and smoke launcher.

    9 man squad of Stormtroopers with either Plasma Guns or Melta guns
    (may useRhino from HtH retinue if i am fielding Shooty Retinue)

    2 6 man squads of Marines, 1 plasma gun per squad.

    Small Devastator Squad - 2 lascannons and 2 plasma cannons

    Pred Destructor or Anihilator

    Eversor Temple Assassin OR Calidus (bit expensive in smaller games)

    2 x Death Cult Assassins


    I know thats a little rough and maybe not precise enough, but this is based on limited availability of figures - done to a budget.....

    Has only lost once in various incarnations and that was to Tau - couldn&#39;t getinto HtH with enough units to take them down - he lost everything except two crisis suits and i was sadly, demolished..... :blink:

    Hope thats some use....
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