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    Competitiveness of a 6-Dreadnought army

    Some may remember a few weeks back I had an armylist up for a 6-Dreadnought army. However, I'm wondering how competitive a 6-Dreadnought army could be. On one hand, you have an army with numerous mobile heavy weapons, as well as being some very potent close-combat units, and being more-or-less impervious to most guns-S5 and less. On the other hand, a Railgun or a Lascannon will make mincemeat out of one. Any Imperial army can bring craploads of Lascannons, and most armies can bring lots of weapons that can hurt a Dreadnought. Plus, 6 Dreadnoughts would make up the majority of your army. The best you could do is a few small Tac Squads and a Chaplain/Assault Squad for backup, which doesn't count for much once the Dreadnoughts bite it.

    Anyways, to all of you experienced SM players out there, what do you think? I want to play an alternative SM army someday, and I'm a huge fan of Dreadnoughts, so I was wondering how well it would work.

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    I generally play with only the single Dreadnought and cant count the number of times it has won me the game running arround on its lonesome.

    The improved assault cannon rules make it more practical under 4th Ed to use big numbers of Dreadnoughts, just like LST's in Ravenwing.
    I couldnt find your army list, do you have any drop poded Dreadnoughts? these could help alot, getting where you want to go, and bringing a Heavy Flamer.

    You will have serious problems with many opponents, as even a Plasma Gun can take down a Dreadnought. Even shooting IG will probably result in only 3/4 kills per assault cannon Dreadnought leaving 6 men and thier ML and there lies the problem, Dreadnoughts cant take it, thier av of 12 leaves them far too vulnerable, and a TLLC Dread costs almost as much as a Predator Anhialator with improved av and sponsons.

    Killing 1 Dreadnought per turn isn't hard if your opponent focuses on them, so by turn 6 you will have...
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    I see a problem against anti-tank weapons. However, with a decent amount of cover you should be alright. Your long range dreads can be pretty safe if you stick them in cover (you get a penetrating to glancing "save" right?) so you should be alright. Just make sure you have some CC dreads, as they can do some massive damage!
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