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    I play Tyranids right now, but I am thinking that for my next army I want to use Cadians with a few grey knight squads thrown in. Is anyone using a similar army? I guess my biggest question is, would I be better off with plain old Marines. My thoughts are that perhaps i should get both and use the GK when I face CC armies such as nids and use plain old Marines when I want to play shoot em up...against Tau or Necrons. Thoughts?

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    Sprinkling a few GK&#39;s in with your IG army can be very effective actually. I saw one person remove his tanks and throw in a squad of Terminators for a couple of games and he did really well with them. Also, there&#39;s another player at my local store who uses a squad or two of regular GK SM&#39;s in his IG army, especially against assaulty armies, and he does really well also.
    We just had an auction at our store (It&#39;s a long complicated procedure I&#39;d rather not write out here) and I had enough points to win a box of GK Termies that I was gonna use in my own IG army, however, someone offered me their entire Wood Elf army (2700+ points) for the box, so I guess I&#39;ll just have to wait and see how GK&#39;s work out for me at a later time. heh

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